Rui Teles

vocalist, composer, lyrics author, restaurateur, 

born in Aveiro in the northern part of Portugal, where he took his first steps on the music scene.
Already at the age of 15 with friends, he formed his first band. He spent the period of his studies in the mountain town of Guarda, where he was educated to be a football coach
and physical education teacher. As a student, he met musicians from the musical environment of Coimbra,
with whom he founded the first major group, Carioca ExpressTheir friendship and musical cooperation continues to this day. 

At the age of 25, he moved to Lisbon. He lived
w najstarszej lizbońskiej  dzielnicy- Alfamie, gdzie często występował w znanych domach fado Casas do Fado. Czas spędzony w Lizbonie był czasem jego największego muzycznego rozwoju. Nawiązał kontakt oraz występował
z wieloma profesjonalnymi portugalskimi muzykami, takimi jak: João Madeira, Luis Pedro Madeira, Sergio Costa, Miguel Veras, Janita Salome, JP Simoes.

During this period, he was also the lead singer of several bands Quinteto 22222, Beduinos a gasoleo, Portugues suave, Telefonia, which performed at important musical events and festivals. In 2016, fate took him to the other end of Europe - to Masuria. He made contact with the well-known jazz guitarist Krzysia Górniak, with whom he performed several times on Masurian stages. In 2022, they decided to form the band "Astrolabe" and record an album containing both original songs and Portuguese classics.